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The ARITF’s 2024 Report and Recommendations


For nearly two years, the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force (“task force”) has worked
aggressively toward the implementation of meaningful and lasting abuse reform within the
Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in response to the expressed will of messengers at the
2022 and 2023 annual meetings.

Since being reauthorized by the messengers and reappointed by Dr. Barber following last year’s
annual meeting in New Orleans, the task force has vigorously pursued three key priorities:

  1. Expansion of the Ministry Toolkit
  2. Establishment of the Ministry Check website
  3. Creation of a permanent home for abuse prevention and response.
    In the last 10 months, the task force has made substantial progress toward each of these
    priorities. This report details our progress and includes our unanimous recommendation
    concerning the future of the SBC’s abuse reform efforts.

After reviewing the recommendations, you may have several questions that are addressed within the full report as well as the footnotes. The ARITF encourages all messengers to the 2024 SBC Annual Meeting in Indianapolis to read this report in its entirety.

Read FAQs here.