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Upcoming Report Release from the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force

We are pleased to announce that the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force (ARTIF) will be releasing a written report on our progress next week ahead of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

This report, reflecting the past year of dedicated work by a volunteer team of nine Southern Baptists, will outline the recommended steps for abuse reform that the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) should undertake. Stay tuned for this important update as we continue to implement effective measures for abuse prevention and response within our convention to help make the SBC an abuse-free family of churches.

Additionally, we are excited to share that two members of the task force, Kris Buckman and Brad Eubank, were recently featured on the Road to Indy podcast with Jonathan Howe, VP of Communications at Baptist Press. 

  • In this episode, they discuss the Essentials curriculum, a vital FREE resource designed to help churches effectively prevent and respond to abuse within their congregations. 
  • The Essentials curriculum will be available at the ARTIF booth in the SBC exhibit hall during the annual meeting in Indianapolis. Both hard copies and thumb drives will be available free of charge. 

You can listen to this podcast from Lifeway Kids, also featuring task force members Kris Buckman and Brad Eubank.